Suzhou Sawyer Robot Technology Co., Ltd. CEO - Chen Gang

        Dr. Chen Gang has achieved outstanding results in both industry and academia. Inthe field of robotics and artificial intelligence, he has more than 20years of engineering and academic research experience. Especially in thefield of bionic soft robots, he is one of pioneers of software robots.He first proposed the shape control of robotic robots. The researchresults have been cited by his colleagues 200 Thesecond time, laid the theoretical foundation for the control andindustrial application of software robots. He chaired and participatedin more than 10 major scientific research projects (funding of 5 millioneuros) in the EU and France. Dr.Chen Gang has rich experience in the field of robotics and excellentability of innovation and development. He has made breakthroughs andindustrialized achievements in many key technologies such as precisecontrol of industrial robotic arms and autonomous autonomous navigationtechnology for driverless vehicles. Publishedand applied for more than 20 patents, won the China Federation ofReturned Overseas Innovative Talents, the national scholarship at theirown expense students, the EU Marie Curie scholarship and Changsha 313plan overseas high-level talent, Suzhou City, Gusu innovativeentrepreneurship title, in 2017 and Jiangsu Province Double hit talent title.

       In2007, Unilever UK was responsible for the EU's sixth frameworkindustrialization project and successfully developed the world's firstlightweight automatic test robot system, which provides a new method andsystem for new product testing. In2009, he worked as a Senior Researcher at the French National Instituteof Information and Automation and was responsible for systemintegration of R & D and industrialization of driverless vehiclesand home service robots. He led the project team to develop motionplanning technology based on safety interaction and successfullydeveloped World III One of the large robotic navigation frameworks accelerates the standardization and industrialization of service robots. In2010, he worked as chief robot motion control expert at ZoomlionResearch Institute and presided over and participated in the keytechnologies of many kinds of products. Among them, "Super LargeHydraulic Driven Flexible Manipulator Movement and Active Damper Controljointly supported by Natural Science Foundation of Hunan Province Controlresearch "project, breaking the bottleneck of the super long boomvibration on the speed of movement and boom length, the sales of theproduct has reached 163 million yuan; the technology has beensuccessfully applied in the control technology has been supported by the12th Five-Year National Science and Technology Plansto support the project of "research and industrialization of keytechnologies for elevating fire engines at a hundred meters" project toachieve breakthroughs in key technologies of ultra-large lift trucks andbreak the monopoly of foreign countries; and to complete thedevelopment and industrialization of various construction machineryoperation simulators . In2014, he worked as the leader of robotics innovation center at theAcademia Sinica's Central Research Institute. He was responsible for thetechnology development and industrialization of home service robots andled the exploratory research of a number of welcome service robots. Theperformance of the products reached the advanced level in China.

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