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Artificial intelligence outlet hit ,Emotional robots are welcome

2022-12-14 14:04:48 manager 1

Recently, Xi Jinping at HKUST "review" a variety of artificial intelligence robots, Gowild Intelligent Technology Corporation developed the world's first emotional social robot "son white" excitement adorable, exceptionally eye-catching.

It is reported that by the "review" of the artificial intelligence robotics developers, including IoT, Gowild Intelligent Technology, you must choose, Cloud Track, Ninebot, Roobo, Kang Liyou blue and other companies, in understanding the development of these artificial intelligence robot related Artificial intelligence technology, Xi greatly on this technology has been fully affirmed. As early as last year, Xi Daji and Li Keqiang congratulated the Opening Ceremony of the World Robot Congress and why state leaders frequently attended robot-related activities.

 Artificial intelligence outlet hit Chinese corner overtaking opportunities

 In the two sessions, artificial intelligence, driverless and so on have become a hot topic. Benefiting from the easterly policies and industrial development needs, in 2015 alone, the number of institutions that have invested in artificial intelligence in our country has reached 48, and the scale of China's artificial intelligence market is expected to reach 91 in 2020 100 million yuan.

 At the upcoming Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC), there is also a lot of interest in the discussion of AI applications. In this regard, "son of white" represented by "AI +" will be a good answer to this question.

 Since the "son of white" announced in Beijing on-line start, the first batch of Jingdong pre-sale 1000 in just three days more than the time users were snapped up, the monthly sales reached 2,000 units, creating a robot industry single product pre-sale The best record In addition, the "son of white" is also young consumer groups as "personality, fashion, feel" and affordable fashion tide, as early as 2015 millions of Pre-A financing, valuation 1.3 billion, 3 times in 2 months, repeatedly refresh the speed of artificial intelligence financing, "son of white" unique young main market positioning accuracy of the test was verified. This all shows that the market has great recognition for the emotional robot represented by the son of White, but also attracts more investment institutions. The son of a son is also a rookie of the industry. 


  "Son white" to lead the Internet + Rodeo grasp AI + mental competition

 Today, the Internet + competition in the rodeo is rapidly evolving into a brainstorm that rapidly iterates from "Internet +" to "AI +". In addition, "AI +" will become a major trend and will be applied and developed in social, work and education fields such as "AI + Finance, Security," "AI + Driverless, Education," "AI + Sports, and Healthcare." , The entire community set off a wave of artificial intelligence applications and reconstructed business models and competition laws.

 From "artificial intelligence" to "AI +", the son of white formally launched, artificial intelligence will no longer be just the scene in the movie, but as the forefront and fundamental technology that is promoting the development and transformation in various fields to become The technological cornerstone of the fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence is expected to come to China in the tide of a new round of technological innovation, is likely to become China overtake a good corner.

 Sons white smart Meng Meng young market unique

 Gowild intelligent technology company developed the emotional robot "son white" smart and cute, petite design, much loved by young people. Its development, with "return to human nature, return to emotion, remodeling connection" as a belief, has a strong knowledge of the map and data analysis capabilities. It is both a user's adorable little housekeeper, but also a user's life aides, get along with the user, the more understand the user.

 It is reported that the "son of white" second-generation emotional social robot son White [Youth Edition] will be officially launched May 18. Not only does it add a sense of style and fun to the first generation of products, but the concept of "pocket edition" will make it become the best playmate of young people. At the same time, the second generation version will move towards pan-entertainment, launched a variety of celebrities IP models, creating a new pattern of AI + pan-entertainment, people "Meng", looking forward to full.

  Artificial intelligence robots flourish social robots hope

 From the Jibo, a $ 2.2 million robot raised by Indiegogo to the robotic Pepper in Japan's high school, Robby, a robotic robot developed by Troll, and Google Manpower, a man-machine war game against South Korea's Go player Li Shishi, The Alpha Robot, the intelligent robot, and the robot Tay, the artificial intelligence chat robot developed by Microsoft, are on the line. All kinds of robots have many functions, but their development direction is very serious. Most of them are technically lacking in perception, dexterity and understanding , "Human nature."

 Some people say that the more social networks, the more lonely people. As hardware and software are becoming more powerful and intelligent, some of the human specific emotional needs are magnified. It is imperative to create consumer-grade, smarter, emotionally-aware and social robots that complement the market gap to meet human needs.

 Therefore, Gowild Intelligent Technology Corporation developed the world's first emotional social robot "son white" Meng force first, come out on top.