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How Switzerland became

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Zurich is Google's largest campus outside of California, with nearly 2,500 engineers, including more than 250 artificial intelligence experts, the total number of employees will reach 5,000. At the same time, Disney's Frozen computer graphics are also made by the Swiss offices.

Keymics and technology at Deepmind, an artificial intelligence company acquired by Google, received $ 500 million from Lugano IDSIA Lab. The laboratory is the world's top ten research institutions. Switzerland has become an important competitor to California and its technology, manpower and funding will power the fourth socio-economic revolution in the world.

The Technical Institute of Zurich and EPF Lausanne has been the best in Europe. With a population of 8.5 million, Switzerland has the highest proportion of the world's population in peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Its infrastructure also includes the growing number of companies specializing in blockchain technology, which are not only used in financial technology but are now featured in e-government, smart contracts, group robots, collective AI and retail applications . The company is located in:

Encrypted valley 

Technologists like to study in the valley or in many natural places in Switzerland. Canton of Zug, Switzerland, has attracted more and more cryptography companies and has earned Crypto Valley title, which reflects its growing Become the world's most blocked area status.

The community includes Ethereum, a bitcoin wallet and a vault Xapo, an open-source block-based computing platform that moved headquarters from Silicon Valley and Monetas financial infrastructure platform relocated its headquarters from Vancouver to Zug.

 Lausanne, Switzerland, has also recently been chosen as the European hub for Rewired, a robotics-focused venture capital studio and fund that believes improving sensory capabilities unlocks the next generation of intelligent robotics and invests in advancing applied science and Technical machine perception.

Rewired is dedicated to helping develop technologies that robots can cope with real-world situations, make good decisions in real time, and help people do more with fewer things. It plans to expand to East Asia and the United States.

The company invested 100 million US dollars in applied science and technology to improve the perception of the machine, that is, improve the perception of the machine, which opens the next generation of intelligent robot technology. It is dedicated to sensors, software and systems that help automatons interact with unpredictable environments and work with humans.

Intelligent robotics

"Our strategy is to invest long-term in core technology to lay the groundwork for smart robotics," said Santiago Tenorio, partner at Rewiredventure. "The real-world environment is very unpredictable and not as controllable as a warehouse or a factory. The next generation of intelligent robots must be able to collect and interpret various data about their environment in order to model and interact effectively with the world.The robotic-centered studio we are building is an interdisciplinary innovation A global hub that will generate new forms of human-machine collaboration within a wider range of activities. "

Indian billionaire Tej Kohli is known for his groundbreaking and salvage corneal blindness work in the field of solar energy and is also devoted to investing in artificial intelligence and supporting the redesign through Cascade Universal (multi -family office). He believes that the advances in robotics will not only promote the next industrial revolution, but also a good opportunity to improve people's quality of life in an unprecedented way.

He said: "I am firmly committed to helping shape these socially valuable achievements, and I fully believe that Rewired will achieve its lofty goal. My favorite Rewired is driven by more artificial robots and artificial intelligence concepts. "

Rewired consultants include Thomas Estier, a Swiss robot entrepreneur who worked on projects for the European Space Agency. The company said it is drawn to Switzerland by the country's highly multicultural nature, with foreigners accounting for more than 20% of the population and more than 60% of immigrants.

It is also attributed to the country's tax system, its friendliness of R & D investment and a large number of expert technical experts. Google agrees, as Patrick Warnking, the Swiss director of the company, said earlier this year: "Because Google itself started in a garage, we believe that big ideas often start small,"


Google is a founding member of the Swiss digital community dedicated to positioning Switzerland as an international digital hub.

"We believe that partnership in economics, research and policy is an important element of Switzerland's success," Warnking said. "That is why we are pleased to have the opportunity to meet in this exciting time in the center of Zurich through a research agreement , Initiatives to continue education in SMEs, and initiatives like Digital Switzerland to promote innovation and website innovation. We are optimistic about the latest expansion and will continue to work with our partners to increase innovation and shape the future in Switzerland "