Reeti express emotion robot

• Robots that express their emotions • Users can operate with iPhone or iPad • Flexible touch-sensitive skin and 15 degrees of freedom • One robot, many applications to customize your specific needs

Body compos

• A robot with many applications to set your specific needs,

• Emotional robot

• Friendly user interface for iPhone or iPad

Sensitive soft skin, 15 degrees of freedom

• Expressive humanoid robot development platform is a PCBot, a pc and a robot fusion. His body consists of a robot head and a computer. Through his head, he can show emotions and interact with the user.



 • Reeti can show different actions

 • Reeti has two cameras that he can shoot or shoot high-definition movies. His wisdom enabled him to respond to what happened to the person in front of him or his room.

 • Reeti has a fifteen-degree-of-freedom head, which gives him great flexibility. In fact, Reeti can move ears, neck (tilt, pan and rotate), eyes, eyelids and mouth.


• Create your own graphical and animated graphical interface

Scalable, configurable artificial intelligence allows customization

• Reeti is an open development platform: Develop your own projects in addition to the existing ones.

• Reeti, a robot, with many applications, tailor-made to your specific needs

Reeti makes your ideas even more appealing. It reviews and animates the video presentation, puts the product or brochure in front of the eye, and then the related presentation.


 Innovative tools to teach science and technology in a fascinating and applied way.

Research lab

 Experimental platform for several disciplines: artificial intelligence (AI), visual, human-computer interaction, network interaction, multimedia content, robot assisted therapy, behavioral analysis, sociology, psychology.


 Professional software developers or hobbyists, the reeti software development kit (SDK), preinstalled open source libraries, and Urbi middleware can all help you get your mind.

•personal use

 PC, funny robot, communication object, video monitor, Reeti collects all these functions in the same advanced design object.


• Two moving eyes

• Ears in both directions

Three tactile sensors

Wi - fi 802.11 n

 Celeron 2.16 GHz Quad Core, 2 GB RAM DDR3

• DVI, Jack Audio

• Two moving eyes

• Two HD cameras

• Two microphones

• Flexible and sensitive skin

RGB led

• Mouth with 4 motors

Three-axis animation neck

• 1x USB 3.0

• 2 x USB 2.0

• 3 x USB 3.0

Gigabit Ethernet

• Reeti 8Gb USB Key