Roch robot

The industry's first open source, smart mobile platform that supports both RGBD sensors and Lidar, along with the ROS system, offers a variety of open source software development kits that support OpenCV software libraries that are highly accurate, scalable and customizable.


Roch is an intelligent robot mobile platform with opensource softwear, which is the first robot supports RGBD sensor and Lidar simultaneously .Roch offers a variety of open-source SDK with ROS, such as autonomous navigation, path planning, image processing, etc. Meanwhile supports OpenCV libraries in the field of computer vision, it provides a good development platform for researchers in the field of mobile robot and computer vision,artificial intelligence and so on, can be used in scientific research and education in colleges and universities, makerspace, robot enthusiasts, R&Dcenter of company, etc.

   Based on the platform developers can quicklydevelop various scenario of mobile robots,greatly reduce the researchcycle and cost of research institutions.

Product features

First intelligent mobile platform in Industry -Supporting RGBD sensor and Lidar simultaneously

Opensource SDK - Offers applications of Roch thatare convenient for developers toaccelerate robot project research and development

High performance ARM processor, rapid responseability

High precision - High precision encoders, thehigh accuracy of IMU

Strong extensibility - Provide abundantinterface easy for customized development.

Convenient and reliable –complete machine supply, strong and durable, can load 20kg.

Customizable - Supports a variety ofaccessories, for users to choose and use.

Equipped with 3D simulator which research anddevelopment independently, shorten the development cycle, acceleratethe time ofproducts to the market.


Size of chassis:353×300×180mm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Laser sensor map creation

Communication interface:USB-UART Power interface:19V/2A, 12V/5A, 12V/1.5A,9V/1A, 5V/1A

Obstacle sensors:Infrared ultrasonic sensor,left, center, right

Cliff sensors:left, rig

Gyroscope:6-axis,100degrees /secondMaximum speed:0.6m/s

Maximum payload:20kg

Weight:about 9Kg

Run time: 5 hours(12V/6Ah lithium battery),12V/8Ah battery(optional)

Roch Demo