Welcome robot

Has hundreds of advanced sensors, voice control, with wifi, remote control, queuing management, call number function, query management, business consulting, face recognition technology, big data processing and other functions

Welcome robot

 1. Product introduction

 Welcome robot robotic guest researched and developed by Suzhou Saia Robot Technology Co., Ltd. It has intelligent man-machine dialogue, open language recognition, automatic obstacle avoidance, power check and automatic charging function. It not only can independently fulfill the task of welcoming reception, but also is an outstanding science and technology museum, the museum's guide and interpreter, is the corporate publicity image ambassador, but also a good scientific research mobile platform. The robot project has been constantly improving and upgrading since its launch.

 2. Function introduction

 Walking: 2 groups of freewheeling and patrolling walking with a 3-second acceleration during start-up. Movement speed: 0.1-0.5m / s. A sensor mounted on the chassis senses whether there is an obstacle in front and can automatically avoid obstacle.

 Interactive: natural language interaction (Chinese or English) for non-specific people, powerful computer processing and advanced speech recognition technology, robot can also introduce any working scene content as needed, and can use 19-inch touch screen to play Corresponding video or picture.

 Body sensing technology: The robot automatically detects the arrival of tourists, take the initiative to meet the audience and say hello, at the same time the system automatically enters the voice recognition status.

 Body movements: a total of 6 degrees of freedom, respectively, shaking his head, left and right hand were opened and up, can imitate some of the basic movements, such as greeting.

3. Configuration list:

 1.Welcome robot

 2. Intelligent robot debugging software;

 3. Motion Control System (autonomous movement, line inspection, remote control);

 4. Intelligent obstacle avoidance control system (the process of movement to determine the obstacles in front of themselves);

 5. Sound source positioning (through the sound collector, you can determine the direction of the sound)

 6. Non-specific face recognition system (automatic detection of effective distance within the face information)





Voice Dialogue

Non - specific voice system

Language is Chinese or English

Depending on the scenes and subject, the user will expand the grammar file to increase the number of identifiable statements. (The number of

recognition statements and the similarity between statements will affect

the accuracy of recognition)

Provide a wired microphone, it is recommended to use a handheld

microphone for voice operation



Through the sensor installed in the chassis to perceive whether there

are obstacles in front

Mobility body detection sensor



You can use the voice command to manipulate the robot

Use a 19-inch touch screen for operation



A total of six degrees of freedom, respectively, shaking his head, left

and right hand were opened and uplift, you can edit the instructions on

the basic physical action into a rich body language

Move function

Two-wheeled chassis, moving on the ground

Speed 0-0.5m/s,can be set according to the scenes

Automatically detect whether there are obstacles, if there are obstacles,

then stop moving forward



Moving using battery-powered, standard configuration run time:3-4

hours, recharge time:1-2 hours (depending on the strength of the work,

you can increase the battery capacity to increase the run time)

Stop case: power supply by AC adapter

Remind in low battery state



The robot can be connected to a wireless network and can be connected to the robot controller via a remote computer via other computers for

operation and monitoring

Manipulate the robot through the joystick (the robot system comes with a handle)

Operate the robot through the Andrews mobile device. Flat or mobile

phone provided by the user



1xUSB,For users to upload or download data, such as audio, video and pictures

PPT Show

Play the customized PPT, for video, picture text and other aspects of

publicity. Need to install Microsoft's PowerPoint software


Windows7 Ultimate


height:1.7m,Length*Width:0.5m*0.5m(The specific size according to customer request and the venue will be appropriate adjustments



Allows the user to add statements that can be recognized by voice. The

user can edit the software via the robot system or edit the grammar file (XML file)

Provides instructions for manipulating robot perception and behavior,

allowing the user to write a robot's action script and a perceptual

behavior file to define the functionality of the robot. The user can edit

the perceived behavior file through the software provided by the robot

system or edit the perceptual behavior file

Expand function:

    Allow users to increase the voice can recognize the statement. Users can edit the software provided by the robot system or edit their own grammar files (XML files)

     Provides instructions for manipulating robot perception and behavior, allowing users to write robot action scripts and perception behavior files to define the robot's capabilities. The user can edit the perceptual behavior file or edit the perceptual behavior file (XML file) through the software provided by the robotic system


 1 Since most customers already have Android mobile devices (mobile phones or tablets) that have been designated or operated by robots, the Android mobile devices are generally provided by users and the robot system only provides the corresponding APP software

 2 Because most users already have Windows7 Ultimate, showing PPT requires Microsoft's PowerPoint software, the two parts of the software provided by the user.

 3 The above parameters are commonly used parameters, the robot is constantly upgrading, this parameter is only for reference, the final parameters of the target to purchase the robot shall prevail.