Wheeled mobile robot, AGV robot

Is a mobile robot with a laser navigation platform, DC servo differential drive, zero radius steering, load capacity greater than 100kg, accessories can be line inspection and visual functions. Can be customized development.

 A mid-sized mobile laser platform designed for quick customization

        The autonomous mobile robot platform is a robot that can be used for specific purposes after secondary development by users, such as outdoor unmanned vehicle, fire robot, cargo transportation, patrol security, industrial robot, commercial home robot and so on. It has autonomous navigation, automatic obstacle avoidance, path planning, remote control, good human-computer interaction and strong continuous operation capabilities, providing a complete software system and interface for researchers engaged in mobile robots, artificial intelligence and other fields A good development platform that can be widely used in university research and education, a guest space, robot lovers, the company's R & D center.

Platform functional requirements are as follows:

 Support AGV platform of ROS robot operating system for verification of driverless functions;

AGV provides 24V / 10A power output;

Provide AGV product vehicle model parameters and related motion models;

 provide laser radar communication interface;

 sports function. Basic sports functions, such as: forward, backward, turn around;

 Location information collection. Encoder and IMU integration, real-time platform to provide relative displacement data;

 obstacle avoidance function Assemble the laser scanner to identify obstacles around the platform.

  Map creation                 Autonomous navigation           Target to follow


Platform performance requirements are as follows:

 AGV size (L × W × H): 570 * 466 * 400 mm

 maximum load: 50kg

 maximum forward speed: 0.98m / s

Walking direction: forward, 90 degrees, 180 degrees rotation, rotating on the spot

 Drive mode: differential drive

 charging method: manual charging

Climbing ability: 3 degrees

 Laser scanner: scan range 10m

 Battery performance: maintenance-free rechargeable battery> 500 times, a single working time of not less than 2h

encoder:Provide 2000 line encoder

Extended functionality



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