Universal Robots Eurobuch robot arm

Working radius 850mm, load weight 5KG, speed 1m / s, 120/180 ° / s, repeatability ± 0.03mm.

Parameters Table

6 articulated arm, working radius 850 mm

Weight: 18,4 kg

Load weight: 5 kg

Working range: 850 mm

Rotation: +/- 360 ° degrees

Speed: 180 ° / s TCP Speed: 1 m / s

Repeatability: +/- 0,1 mm

Installation area:? 149 mm

Degrees of freedom: 6 Rotating joints

Controller size (W x H x L): 475 mm x 423 mm x 268 mm

I / O ports on the controller: 10 DI (controller: 8DI, tool side: 2DI)

10 DO (controller: 8DO, tool side: 2DO)

4 AI (Controller: 2AI, Tool Terminal: 2AI)

2 AO (Controller: 2AO)

Input / Output (IO) Port Load Capacity: Controller 24V 1200mA, Tool Terminal 12 / 24V 600mA

Supported communication standards: TCP / IP 100M megahertz communication, for IEEE 802.3u standard,For 100BASE-TX communications media standards

Ethernet socket connection and Modbus TCP connection

Programming: graphical user interface, 12-inch touch screen with mounting bracket

Low noise

Protection premium: IP54

Electrician: The general program is about 200 watts

Co-operation: Tests according to EN ISO 10218-1: 2006 - 5.10.1 and 5.10.5

Material: aluminum alloy, ABS plastic

Temperature: Manipulator operates at 0-50 ° C temperature range

Power Supply: 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz

Expected operating life: 35,000 hours

6 meter data cable (from arm to control box)

4,5 meters data line (from the touch screen to the control box

Unique product features lead the innovative industrial robotic market

    The 6-axis industrial robot from Universal Robots is a small, lightweight, easy-to-use robot with significant advantages in terms of financial, human and technical aspects. With the labor cost increasing day by day, it greatly enhances the production efficiency of the enterprise and effectively reduces the production cost of the factory, and rapidly completes the process of automated production for the enterprise.

Easy to operate, practical and flexible

    The UR Robot's intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) helps its users take just hours to install and program to get their hands on. Users do not need to receive professional programming training, programming for the UR robot, you can directly hold and drag the robot arm to demonstrate its path of movement. Can quickly and easily complete from installation, commissioning, programming, to put into use the entire process. To meet the professional needs of different automation companies.

Man-machine collaboration - man and robot security cooperation

      Robots all have integrated safety mode (according to EN ISO 10218-1: 2006), enabling businesses to easily implement a wide range of applications without the need for fencing. Of course a thorough risk assessment is necessary under all circumstances. This human-machine approach and mode allows employees to work closely with the robot safely. Once a human comes into contact with the robot and generates 150 Newton's force, the UR robot automatically stops working and security cooperation between the human and the UR robot in a limited space is achieved. This shows that UR robots are ideal for compact workplaces. The Danish Institute of Technology Materials Testing Center's test report confirms that UR robots meet the safety standards required for all human-computer interaction.

Diversification in the production process, multi-point layout

   The UR robot does not require a fixed base and is lightweight, allowing for more flexibility in the production process.

Low threshold and fast return on investment

    UR robot designed for the needs of SMEs. Such businesses need flexible automation solutions and rapid return on investment. Given the low cost of the UR robot, it helps SMEs achieve a flexible automation process and achieve a relatively fast return on investment. In Europe, businesses typically recover investment costs within 6 to 12 months.

Energy efficient

     UR robot design compact, and have the characteristics of low energy consumption. Compared with large heavy industrial robots, UR robots are more environmentally friendly, consume less energy, have higher energy efficiency, and are more likely to be battery-operated for mobile automation.

low noise

    UR robots are almost silent at work, while other robots work with troublesome noises. UR robots are able to create a pleasant working environment for their customers to adapt quickly to their workforce.

Modular design

    The design of the UR robot minimizes the risk of downtime in the production process, which benefits from the modular design of the UR robot that can be quickly and easily repaired and adjusted for any failure.