Kinect2.0 Xbox One Dedicated Kinect Sensor Somatosensory Camera ,3D Depth Camera

Kinect adapter with For Windows for robot map creation and navigation, machine vision and more. Application case: Turtlebot2 mobile robot platform based on the map to create and navigate, the target to follow, image recognition.

Development of special packages: contains kinect2.0 somatosensory camera + for windows adapter

Kinect2.0 sensor with high resolution and color recognition, so that more accurate identification. Kinect has repeatedly used in robotics development, 3D navigation and other functions.

  • Horizontal angle of 70 degrees, 60 degrees vertical angle

  • Image resolution 1920x1080

  • Viewing angle resolution of 512x424

  • Depth detection range of 0.5-4m

  • USB3.0

  • Supply voltage: 12V