turtlebot2 mobile chassis yujin kobuki ros smart platform robot

turtlebot2 Chassis, Yujin Kobuki is a mobile robot mobile chassis developed by Yujin Corporation. It can be redeveloped and programmed by ROS system. It is a mobile robot chassis mainly for education and scientific research.

Kobuki Description: Yujin Kobuki is a mobile robot platform developed by Yujin company, the robot interface control panel has 32 built-in sensors, two drive wheels, two wheels a total of four movable small wheels, 110 degrees / second single-axis gyroscope, A preprogrammed behavioral encoder, an expandable I / O port, and a tailgate. Open interface can be directly on the robot's movement, sound, and display, input sensor operation.

Kobuki base contains:

Kobuki mobile base

USB to serial data cable

2200mah lithium battery

Lithium battery charger

Kobuki mobile base parameters:

3 x Bumpers: left, center, right

1 x Cliff sensors

1 x Wheel drop sensor (one per wheel)

Power connectors: 5 V @ 1 A, 12 V @ 1.5 A, 12 V @ 5 A, 19 V @ 1 A

Pins: 3.3 V @ 1 A, 5 @ 1 A, 4 x analog in, 4 x digital in, 4 x digital out

Programmable audio, LEDs and touch buttons

Battery: Lithium Ion 2200 mAh

Payload: 5 kg (hard floor), 4 kg (carpet)

weight: 5kg