Baxter & Sawyer intelligent collaboration robot

Sawyer is a revolutionary, high-performance collaboration robot that features a series of elastic brakes, an embedded vision system and an extensible artificial intelligence platform. It adapts to real-world changes and quickly changes applications to work in a safer, more precise and flexible way.


For decades, manufacturers have had very few cost-effective options for low volume, high mix production jobs. Then came Baxter – the safe, flexible, affordable alternative to fixed automation. Companies globally have integrated Baxter into their workforce, and gained a competitive advantage.

Baxter is a proven industrial automation solution for a wide range of tasks – from line loading and machine tending, to packaging and material handling. If you walk the floor of your facility and see monotonous or dangerous tasks, then Baxter is ready to get to work for your company.

Safe, by Design

Baxter is safe next to people on a production line, without the need for caging – saving money and valuable floor space.

Trained, Not Programmed
Baxter, powered by Intera, is trained by demonstration using existing personnel, reducing time and cost.
Flexible & Re-deployable 
Baxter is flexible for a range of applications and re-trainable across lines and tasks – it can be repurposed quickly across jobs.
Easily Integrated 
Baxter deploys quickly and can connect to other automation in the work cell – often without third party integration.
Force Sensing 
The patented technology in Baxter’s joints respond to force, allowing it to “feel” its way into fixtures.
Degrees of Freedom 

With 7 DoF Baxter’s arms can maneuver much like a human’s arms, and reduce work cell reconfiguration.

Basic Specifications


Research: for scientific research

Education: based on good individual performance, suitable for education

Industry: two arms collaboration for industrial applications