• Mobile robot precise control technology


Integrating mechanical design and various advanced motion control techniques, the path precision control of mobile robot is realized by using the method of complete machine dynamics model estimation.

  • Unmarked autonomous positioning technology

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Compared with the existing positioning technology on the market, the technology with laser sensor and the symbol of the natural environment, the robot positioning, no construction, flexible use, reduce the cost of use.

  • Software manipulator technology


Software robot is a kind of innovative robot, and the traditional industrial robot is a rigid material composition, software robot is a soft material, such as silica resin materials, has a good scalability and flexibility, especially suitable for the need to collaborate with people work scenarios, such as medical rehabilitation, scraping of the different shape objects and so on.

The founder of sawyer, a pioneer of software robots, has been cited more than 200 times for links.

(the technology has been patented)

  • Visual positioning and development testing solution

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Provide visual positioning and development test solution.

Robot + tracking software: provide source code, foreign references.