About Us

Suzhou Soy Robotics Technology Co., Ltd.


Suzhou Soy Robotics Technology Co., Ltd., a high-tech company led by overseas high-level talents, is committed to the development and integration of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence technology, deep learning, and vehicle control. We provide advanced sensors, driving platforms, software tools and R&D testing services for product research and development and application in the fields of industrial AGV robots, service robots, intelligent driving vehicles, and intelligent equipment in special fields.


The core members of the company come from Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Science, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore and other domestic and foreign research institutes. We have members engaged in research and development management in the worlds top 500 equipment manufacturing enterprises as well. The team accumulated more than 20 years basic technology and rich industrial application experience in artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual simulation, middleware and other fields. The company has a branch office in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, and a research and development center in Singapore. The company has obtained nearly 50 national patents in terms of robot control, intelligent driving, operation system software, etc., and has successively won a number of honorary titles such as Jiangsu Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Talent, Suzhou Gusu TalentThousand Talents Plan Robot Industry Expert Workstation, Kunshan municipal research and development center, and national high-tech enterprise.


The company has independently developed core products as follows, a number of indoor and outdoor robot platforms such as Roch, intelligent driving control by wire platforms, digital twins robot software development, which have been applied to many enterprises and research institutes such as China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Shandong University, Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute, etc. In addition, with advanced technology and the service concept of being responsible for clients, we have established strategic partnerships with well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as Ouster, a US listed lidar company, ROBOTIS and other upstream and downstream enterprises, to jointly provide robots and intelligent equipment enterprises with products and technical services in the whole process from research and development to testing.