Industry trends

  • Soy Robot made its debut in China robot competition.

    On August 16, the "chuanze information cup" 2017 Chinese robot competition will start in sunshine. During the competition, nearly 3,450 athletes from 210 universities and 1,055 teams competed in the competition.

    2022-12-14 manager 15

  • Good news Dr. Chen gang won the double creative talents of jiangsu province in 2017

    Recently, about the determine of jiangsu province in 2017, jiangsu province, double funding scheme and to inform the official launch, suzhou Soy Robot technology co., LTD. CEO Dr Chen gang to autonomo

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  • Dr. Chen Gang, CEO of Soy Robotics, contributes to ROS Forum of World Robot Conference

    On August 26, at a time when the World Robot Congress was in full swing, a welfare conference for ROS enthusiasts was also held in a grand manner. Hosted by the China Institute of Electronics, the "ROS Global Developers Forum" hosted by High Robot was also set up in Beijing Convention and Exhibition Center held, well-known ROS developers from around the world come together to discuss and exchange ROS applications and experiences in the field of robotics.

    2022-12-14 manager 4

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