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Good news Dr. Chen gang won the double creative talents of jiangsu province in 2017

2022-12-14 14:19:51 manager 1

Recently, about the determine of jiangsu province in 2017, jiangsu province, double funding scheme and to inform the official launch, suzhou Soy Robot technology co., LTD. CEO Dr Chen gang to autonomous navigation light flexible robot platform and application successfully got the title of "double gen talent in jiangsu province".

        Started from 2007 High-level innovative entrepreneurial talent introduction plan of jiangsu province (hereinafter referred to as double gen plan), up to the large-scale from overseas, fujian association of foreign languages and the prelude to the introduction of high-end talent, double gen plan has been made ten years in a row, popularity is higher and higher in the high-level talents from home and abroad, has become an important brand talent work in jiangsu.

        Dr Chen gang in the field of robot with rich industry experience and excellent ability of innovation and development, has been in the industrial mechanical arm precise control Unmanned vehicle safety aspects such as autonomous navigation technology obtained many achievements of key technology breakthrough and industrialization, published more than 20 and apply for patents, won the Chinese federation of innovative talents Countries at international student scholarship The eu Marie Curie fellowship and changsha 313 plan high-level overseas talents Suzhou gusu innovative entrepreneurial talent