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Intelligent Robot declaration issued guidelines state will set aside 600 million

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Ministry of Science and Technology Officially Released on August 1, 2017 "Guideline for Project Application of Major Projects of Intelligent Robot in 2017" (for the implementation of "National Medium and Long-term Scientific and Technological Development Plan (2006-2020)" and "Made in China 2025" Hereinafter referred to as "Guide"). The guideline is clear that in 2017, the state plans to launch 42 projects in six directions according to the four basic levels of basic cutting-edge technologies, common technologies, key technologies and equipment, and demonstration applications. The total estimated funding allocated for the allocation of funds will be about 600 million yuan.


The guide points out that the "Intelligent Robot" focuses on four major levels, namely, cutting-edge technologies around the industry chain, common technologies, key technologies and equipment, and application demonstrations, focusing on the cutting-edge technology of intelligent robots, Robot, the key common technology, industrial robots, service robots, special robots deployed in six directions.


This year 42 projects will be launched, with a total estimated funding of about 600 million yuan allocated by the State. In order to fully mobilize social resources into research and development of robotics, in terms of supporting funds, the proportion of projects funded by enterprises or hospitals with supporting funds and the allocated funds shall not be less than 1: 1; and the proportion of application demonstration projects and supporting funds shall not be low At 2: 1.


The guidelines are clear. This year, the scientific research personnel applied for reunification according to the research direction of the secondary heading of the guideline. The number of projects to be supported is 1-2. The project implementation cycle does not exceed 3 years. The research content of the declared project must cover all the research contents and assessment indicators listed in the guidelines under the second level headings. The number of subjects under the project no more than 5, each subject no more than 5 units. In addition, under the same research direction, when the two appraisals are similar and the technical routes are obviously different, the two projects can be supported simultaneously, and the two projects will adopt a two-stage supportive approach. After the first phase is completed, the implementation of the two projects will be evaluated and the follow-up support will be determined based on the assessment results.


It is reported that the overall objectives of China's "intelligent robot" focus project include breakthroughs in major frontier technologies such as new institutional / material / drive / sensing / control and biomimicry, intelligent robot learning and cognition, human-computer natural interaction and collaboration and communion, Robot and a new generation of information technology integration, in order to enhance the level of robot intelligence basic forefront of technological reserves; establish mutual cooperation, enhanced human behavior such as a new generation of robot verification platform to seize the "new generation of robots," the technological commanding heights; capture based on External perception of intelligent robot technology, new industrial robots and other key technologies to promote the industrial scale of domestic industrial robots and innovative applications.


One of the important parts of "Made in China 2025" is the robotics industry. According to the Constructive Strategic Consultative Committee of the State for Constructing a Powerful Country, by 2020, the sales volume of industrial robots in China will exceed 150,000 sets and the number of holdings will reach 800,000. By then, a new generation of robotics information technology will make a breakthrough, is expected to train 2 to 3 annual output of 10,000 units, the industry size of more than 10 billion yuan, with international competitiveness of the industry leading enterprises and create 5 to 8 supporting industries robot Cluster.