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Soy Robot made its debut in China robot competition.

2022-12-14 14:26:21 manager 15

On August 16, the "chuanze information cup" 2017 Chinese robot competition will start in sunshine. During the competition, nearly 3,450 athletes from 210 universities and 1,055 teams competed in the competition.


The China robot competition is the most influential robot competition in China, which has been held annually since 1999. The competition has been successfully held since 1999. Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, hefei, suzhou, jinan, zhongshan, ordos, lanzhou, xuzhou and other places have held the past competitions.

The competition sponsored by the automation society of China, rizhao city people's government, robot contest at the Chinese academy of automation working committee, the Chinese society of automated robot competition and training department, rizhao high and new technology industry development zone management committee to undertake, the theme of "intelligent manufacturing, intelligent industry, intelligent life, wisdom, sunshine", the venue is located in rizhao campus of shandong institute of physical education. Contest set 18 categories, a total of 45 events, including basketball robot, rescue robot, service robot, such as traditional items, medical robots, such as martial arts contest fierce confrontation project, as well as the air robot, such as underwater robot novel window project.

Sawyer robot with independent research and development of company's latest product Roch Ⅱ intelligent mobile platform took part in the competition, won the second prize of good grades, it is Roch Ⅱ first public appearance large domestic robot contest, it not only retains the Roch original technical characteristics and functions, and on the basis of the redesign of the chassis, increased the mechanical arm, also made a substantial increase in the hardware configuration, move faster, less noise, to engage in mobile robot and the researchers in the field of computer vision, artificial intelligence and so on provides a simple easy to operate, more powerful development platform. For the first time, it has attracted many visitors to the exhibition, which has attracted the attention of many universities, such as education, enterprise r&d center, etc.



This activity also sets up interactive area of robot related product exhibition, intelligent industrial area, many famous robot and intelligent equipment enterprises at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition. The exhibits include interactive interactive projects such as dialogue, games and experience, involving intelligent manufacturing, education, medical, sports and other fields. At the same time, we also set up the automobile exhibition area, the home comprehensive exhibition area, the tourism exhibition area, the dining and entertainment exhibition area and the club exhibition area.

Soy independent research and development of open source mobile robot platform Roch Ⅱ, at present the most popular ROS robot operating system as the carrier, is compatible with a variety of RGBD sensor and laser radar, can provide users with a variety of open source software development kit, including autonomous navigation, dynamic obstacle avoidance and path planning, remote control, image processing, etc.

Roch Ⅱ can be applied to scientific research and education in colleges and universities, and passenger space, the robot enthusiasts, the company's research and development center, etc. Based on this platform, developers can quickly expand into various scenarios of mobile robots.



(our engineers carefully calibrate the machine before the game)

Sport basketball contest, FIRA small group Tours, service robots, robot, medical robots, martial arts contest, dancing, robots, robot, athletic, helpage service robots, robot underwater robot, aerial robot, rescue robot simulation game, medium-sized group, advanced robot vision, quadruped bionic robot (test), automatic sorting robots (test), 3 c industry application challenges (industrial robot application challenge) were set up 18 categories, 45 events. At the same time, we also set up the automobile exhibition area, the home comprehensive exhibition area, the tourism exhibition area, the dining and entertainment exhibition area and the club exhibition area.





A high level

Major technology events

A large number of technology fans are attracted to the game. 




It starts at 8 o 'clock in the morning.

There was a long queue at the entrance to the stadium.

The enthusiasm for watching the game is very high.

The stadium is full of heat.